Covenant Life Ministries
Sunday, February 23, 2020

about us



Our Story

Covenant Life is an interdenominational ministry that began in the mid-1990’s. A small number of people met together at the Civitan Club building in Alexandria, Alabama. There was a burning desire to really know and follow the Lord—without the typical “religious baggage.”

Covenant Life Ministries was birthed as Pastor Dennis Smith, his wife, family and other faithful believers joined together to worship, pray and pursue God’s purpose!

Covenant Life Ministries continues to grow and advance the Kingdom of God! Covenant Life has expanded to a 20+ acre campus and buildings.

Today, the story goes on as Covenant Life Ministries expands its outreach in our local communities and around the world!

Our Staff

Covenant Life Ministries is not built upon a large, professional, paid staff. All believers have been called to minister and have been given gifts to fulfill that calling. Our goal is to help believers discover their gifts and place in the Body of Christ.

Covenant Life V.I.P Team 

(Volunteers Impacting People)

Volunteers who devote their lives each week to carry out the various ministries of Covenant Life.

Team Leaders

Dennis and Deborah Smith—Senior Pastors


Jason and Amy Smith—Media Director 



Walter Saxon—Lifeline Ministry


Phillip Free -  Property Management


LeeAnn Duke—Worship Leader

Josh Reyes—KidsLife

Kathy Saxon—Office Manager

Freda Finley—Belize Missions

Ivan Roman—Covenant Life Boliva

Heather Lamey—Care Ministry Team Coordinator